I am Isabella de Brito Oliveira,  I was born in Brazil, in 1962. Call sign Suriya And since the 1990s, I live in the Netherlands. First in Amsterdam  and now  in Wageningen, because my partner comes from here, and I think it's a beautiful area to live in. My background: In addition to my regular education at university etc,

I once started with shiatsu which I already loved, after which massage became a passion for me, then I did a course for Ayurvedic yoga massage in India. 

 After this, TCM came my way and I followed the HBO Tuina massage course with doctor Chi Baoshun  at the Chinese Medical Center with cum laude!

After which I also followed the Acupuncture course together with patent herbal formulas.  

I specialize in different techniques in the field of massage and acupuncture. In practice I combine different techniques, such as cupping, moxa, guasha, tok sen and massage. My specializations are: Migraine, headache, heel spur, tennis elbow.

Frozen shoulders and electric acupuncture for acute and chronic pain, insomnia, unrest, hair loss!  And of course menstruation problems.

Furthermore, there is the possibility for FUs subcutaneous needling (FSN)

1989 Certivited  AyurvedischeYogamassage  and instructor,   met Kusum Modak in Pune.

1997 Tuina massage   with dr Shi Baoshun

2004 Acupunctuur / patent formules Chinese kruiden

HBO medical Basics. 

  Both, cum laude on the Shenzhou open University of TCM in Amsterdam.

 2010.  Certivited basic of  medical Qi gong .2011 Certivited Advanced medical Qi gong, Bij de Shenzhou Open university.

Since 2012 I have been intensively involved in Healing Tao and have taken several classes with different teachers such as Master  Mantak Chia,  Walter Kellenberger ,Barry Spendlove, Inge Maassen, Michael Winn, Ushi Mashahiro and Luck Luyten.

Since 2013, I am an associate instructor of the Healing Tao. And I give Treatments and workshops in the field of qi gong. In addition, I attend various post-graduate courses every year..